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Sir Pizza

October 5, 2011





Where we went: Sir Pizza
Address: 320 Sewickley Oakmont Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

What we ordered: 3 Pizzas –Large Plain, Large Pep, Medium Sausage.
Price: $30 Dollars-ish?

Review: In the early stages of creating The First Annual Greater Pittsburgh Pizza Cruise, I asked everyone to tell me their favorite places to get pizza. After going through all the votes and selecting the top five, I decided to pick a “wildcard” out of the additional suggestions, places like;Grande’s, Ferraris, Della Salla’s, Napoli’s, etc made the list. Out of the 20 some suggestions, I threw them all into a hat and picked. Stop number three on our Pizza Cruise, a place that NONE of us had ever been, was Sir Pizza (the original location, of course) on Sewickley Oakmont Road.

When I catch myself in a conversation with someone new about pizza, they always tell me “Oh, you need to try this place in _________. It’s the best ever.” Normally I don’t listen to them unless they really sell me on it, but over the past year I’ve been hearing the name “Sir Pizza” thrown out there over and over again.

Since none of us had been here (which I found pretty amazing, actually) I did some research on Sir Pizza before coming, like any good pizza expert would. Sir Pizza is a family operated franchise and has been that way since 1975. The franchise itself is known as Pizza King, which is based in Indiana. I looked at the pictures, gave in to the hype and even after just leaving Vincent’s I was making sure I saved some room for it.

We were welcomed with one of the nicest ladies I have ever encountered at a pizza shop (I’ve been and worked at a few…). She was actually part of the family that started this all. After 5 minutes of us explaining what we were doing, talking about the history of Sir Pizza (I think I impressed her with my prior research) hearing about their fresh homemade sausage they put on their pies and their outrageous beer selection, we put in our order.

“I’ll take a Screaming Pumpkin Draft, please” I said. “I’ll take one too”, Steve said. “Dad, you want one? Its Pumpkin…” I asked. “Yeah, grab me one” my Dad replied.

A few draft orders later and more chit chat, I passed out the ballots and we took our seats.

So on to the breakdown. Again, the votes reflect that of the group.

Crust: 5/10 –There is no “grab on” part of the crust here. You’re putting your fingers on the sauce and cheese…that’s not really a problem though. It did have nice crunch to it, not doughy at all. I admit it wasn’t my favorite but I gave it a 6/10 while the average vote here was a 5.

Sauce: 5/10 – Nothing too crazy about it, just a good pizza sauce that mixed well with everything else going on.

Cheese: 4/10 – While I was doing my prior research, I some how missed that Sir Pizza uses Smoked Provolone instead of Mozzerella. While I did like it and gave them a plus for doing something different, I still prefer Mozzerella over this. The group actually gave the cheese a 4, while I thought differently and gave it a 7, clearly being my most favorite part about this pie.

Toppings: 4/10 –I have never seen pepperoni that was so…red. It looked odd to me. Their toppings, or at least the pepperoni and sausage, are some what grounded and chopped up spreading to the edge of the pizza. I wanted to really like this sausage after hearing so much about it, but it just didn’t bring it, nor did the pepperoni. Sigh.

Presentation: 5/10 –I’m not sure what to think. I’ve seen so many pictures of this pizza before I came and I’m thinking ours was a bit undercooked. I also think that’s why I couldn’t really experience the full flavor of the toppings.  How could I have almost forgotten?  This pizza is not your typical triangle slice, but rectangular.   Small, two bite pieces.  The only place I’ve ever seen this done!

Bonus (Max 2pts): 2 –I can’t stress enough how well we were treated here. I loved hearing and talking about the history of the place. Even with our huge group crowding up the front counter and holding up the rest of the line, we were all taken care of and service was fast.

Overall Grade: 25/50, 50% – Sir Pizza was the underdog of this cruise and going up against some heavy hitters. It was our lowest rated pizza on the day. I don’t want to say that our group was overly harsh, because I don’t think we were, though I do feel that this pizza just didn’t bring it.

While the beer selection is fantastic, the service is remarkable; Sir Pizza has more of the “hometown” pizza feel and would be the perfect place to take your family out for dinner, this wasn’t what we were really looking for. What I mean by “hometown” is, it’s the local joint that you’re family has been coming to for years. You lived up the street, you’re grandfather liked it, your dad liked it and now it’s been passed down to you.

They are doing something right, because believe me there is a ton of buzz about this place.

Different pizza for different people.

Thanks again for making us feel so welcome!

Sir Pizza on Urbanspoon

Disclaimer: If you think that my grading scale is harsh, remember that I grade each trip as its own experience. Have I had a perfect slice? Nah. I’d basically say that if something I review gets better than a 70%, I’d go again and more than likely tell you to go as well. I don’t even think my favorite pizza place would get a 100% and if it did, there would be no reason to do this blog other than my love for pizza. Remember, the quest for the perfect slice. That’s what I’m after.

The voting for the pizza cruise is reflects that of our entire group. Even though, my opinion pretty much falls in line with the rest of these jerks.


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  1. Josephine Walsh permalink

    i love tyhis pizza the efirst time i got it was in 1999 i had just lost muy vitrginity after a football game to a cute guy that worked at the NRM by my house. we listened to marilyn manson’s “smells like children” in his buick century while eating a large mushroom from sir pizza.

    he was only 20 but he knew some older guys from the comic book store that scored him a couple of mickeys. we drank those with our pizza and started fooling around. then he started the car so i thought i did something wrong or that my braces were hurting him. i felt so dumb. little did i know that his uncle worked at the perry-o motel and he was headed to there for a jacuzzi suite. we finished the rest of the pizza in hte jacuzzi tub while drinking some mikes hard. it felt kinda awkward because we were in the jacuzzi in our clothes.

    ill stop right there and keep it PG 😉

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