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September 19, 2011





Where I’m at: Fiori’s
Address: 103 Capital Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15226

What I ordered: Two Slices, Pep/Bacon (You already know the trend)

Review: Before I get into the review, I think a little history needs to be told…

I grew up about twenty minutes east of Pittsburgh. In our minds there were only two places you could get pizza, Vincent’s and Ferraris. I guess you could say Jioios but that stuff runs through me so fast, Chinese food keeps me fuller longer. With Vincents, it still holds true, except Ferraris has slid downhill since throwing a knife at an employee/changing owners/back to Ferraris (where it’s owned by the original owner again).

When I moved into the city around 8 years ago, I switched religions because I found that “God” took the name “Mineos” and he was living in Squirrel Hill. Mineos was second best, to Vincents, and NEVER thought that would have changed at least here in Pittsburgh. I also didn’t expect when moving out through the Fort Pitt tunnels I would have been presented with an even BETTER mind blowing pizza. But yeah, that happened.

Vincent’s >Fiori’s > Mineos

I mean that’s just the truth. It’s OK if you disagree, but you’d still be wrong.

Anyways, I was sitting around with my friend Ed Amame on Saturday night drinking our first case of Pumpkin beer of the year (we went with Saranac Pumpkin, was great!) and before we knew it was 1:30AM, so I grabbed my keys to get him back to Monroeville. Earlier that day I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t get pizza all weekend because I poisoned my body 3 times downtown this past week/probably put on five pounds, but I broke that promise.

I put the key in the ignition, turned to him and said, “Fiori’s?”, Ed replied “They’re still open?” I said “Yeah Brah, open till 3AM” He gave me a blank stare and replied “Then why did you even ask? Let’s go!”

We got there and found the unusual front of the building parking space. That’s pretty hard to come by here, even at 1:30AM. Ordered up our pizza and it came out looking gorgeous, as always.

Sigh. I don’t know what went wrong. My crust was just way too dry. The toppings as always were spot on, but damn you crust! WHY! Still, this is the first non 10/10 experience I’ve had here. So I’m still holding my position as this is better than Mineos. See below for the breakdown.

Crust: 3/10 –Honestly, I don’t get it. It’s not like they were slow, they had almost every table full. I hate to put any sort of rating this low for Fiori’s, but I judge as if I haven’t been there before…

Sauce: 8.5/10 –If the crust had been spot on my ONLY gripe about Fiori’s is they don’t put enough sauce on the pizza, to the point where you have to ask for a cup, then dip. Which is ok, why should they change what they do for me? I’ll dip. This is a tricky one, the taste of the sauce is for sure a 10/10, but the lack of it takes me to a 7/10…ill take the average of 8.5. If you’ve never had it, it’s a sweeter sauce. Rumor is they put 7-Up in the mix. I don’t know if I believe it. I’ve questioned them, but the question has been dodged.

Cheese: 10/10 –Just the right amount. Comes out settled more times than not, which I find pretty amazing seeing that it’s piping hot. Mmmm.

Toppings: 10/10 –THE BEST BACON IVE HAD ON A PIZZA. No joke. It’s thicker, crispy, packed with flavor and A LOT OF IT. The pepperoni is also the perfect little round circles, curled up at the end just to hold the tiniest puddle of grease. Perfect.

Presentation: 10/10 –This pizza is unfuckablewith. Seriously, every time it looks exactly the same. Consistency is key, so they get the 10.

Overall Grade: 41.5/50 –83%

Keep in mind this grade is for THIS TRIP. Ugh, it breaks my heart about the crust. Good thing is, I know if I went back today this would be sitting at a 98% approval rating.

You need Fiori’s. They Fix You Up!


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  1. Del Monico permalink

    You have to rate it honestly every time you go there from now on. Same with mineos, let the judging war begin

    • I know. I might do smaller update reviews when I go back or maybe just one and done. Cant bank on mineos having an off day, but it has happened.

      Pizza Cruise will be a good chunk.

  2. Sara permalink

    Fiori’s is some of the best pizza I’ve had in PGH. Nice blog 🙂

  3. frank "the tank" costello permalink

    This is one the tanks favorite eateries. Me and the wife are known for our 2 large pizza orders. I get pepperoni and sausage and she gets pepperoni and mushroom. I eat all of mine but one slice for the morning and usually 2 or 3 of hers. We got a little one on the way so I’m sure that will mean less for me haha!

  4. In our minds there were only two places you could get pizza, Vincent’s and Ferraris. I guess you could say Jioios but that stuff runs through me …

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