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Whoa, Mama

September 15, 2011


I’m at: Mama Lucias
Address: 400 Block Wood Street, Downtown Pittsburgh Website: http://www.

I ordered: Two Slices of Pep/Sausage

Review: Mama Lucias (aka. Boardroom) has been my go to pizza place since starting work downtown a little over 3 years ago. The prices are cheap, service is fast and pizza is always delicious. The reason I stay fairly loyal to Mama’s is because it seems many of the Pizza Places downtown are there just to make money, and not put pride into making a good Pizza. Its rare to take a trip to Mama Lucias and have a bad slice.

Though remember in the grading scale post what I said about off days? Today was a bit off. I’m not sure what the problem was (my second slice was a little better once everything settled) but the pizza today seemed rushed. I think possibly there was just a little too much cheese and sauce on this pie, even still, tasted good. Was it the best I’ve had there? Far from it, though something about their sausage saved the entire trip.

Would I go back? Of course! I suggest if you want one of the better slices while you’re downtown, stop at Mama Lucias!

Crust: 10/10 – The crust here is always perfect. Crunchy outside and soft airy inside. Never fails.

Sauce: 6/10 – Nothing crazy, just good and simple homemade pizza sauce. Normally, they are light on the sauce, which personally is what I prefer.

Cheese: 6/10 – Today there was a bit too much, but the cheese is great. I’m fairly certain it is a mix of Provolone and Mozzarella, which is why sometimes it can seem gooey.

Toppings: 8/10 – The pepperoni is always spot on spicy and fresh, but the sausage is what I love here. It is a kind of shaved sausage (see pic) and full of flavor. I can’t think of another place that has a sausage like this.

Presentation: 6/10 – Like I said, when I got the pizza it hadn’t settled yet and the cheese was a bit much and it was floating a bit on the sauce. When everything settled down, my stomach thought the presentation was just fine.

Overall Grade: 36/50, 72%

Though don’t let this grade sway your decision. For downtown pizza, this place is great.

Mamma Lucia Pizza on Urbanspoon


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